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Innovative AI voice activated personal safety solution that you can truly trust.

The future of Personal Safety

In today’s fast-paced world, accidents or assaults can happen in seconds, catching even the most vigilant of us off-guard. Acting quickly and efficiently can make all the difference. is the first AI voice-activated comprehensive app and platform solution for personal safety that offers peace of mind knowing that your organization protects your most valuable assets – your people.

"Using Relyon were the first time I really felt safe"

Where AI and
Personal Safty Meets

Our app works using code words that you define in advance. In an emergency, you say the code words you have set, and a sequence of automatic and immediate actions starts running on your cell phone.

A call is made to a contact, a location is sent in real time, an audible alarm is activated, the situation is recorded and more. Our application can be installed anonymously on the phone.

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Personal Safety